What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating is a graciously simplistic heating soluting. The hyrdronic system heats water which it then moves via pipes to multiple radiators throughout the home. As a sealed modular system, it can also be used to heat various things such as towel rails, floor slabs and even swimming pools.

A hydronic heating radiator mounted on the wall

How Does it Work?

Hydronic Heating works by heating water via energy efficient gas boilers. Once the water has been used, it is returned to be reheated via a reticulating system. The whole system is completely separate to the home’s domestic hot water supply. In each room, panel radiators act as heat emitters which radiate heat from the hot water which spreads evenly through the room. The radiators can be individually adjusted to suit each room. A benefit of hydronic heating is that there are no airborne particles like with air forced central heating, which provides a dust and allergen free from of heating.

How Much Does Hydronic Heating Cost?


A graph comparing prices of hydronic heating to gas ducted heating

While hydronic heating is clearly a more efficient alternative to gas ducted heating, there are still initial installation costs.

New systems can be installed to new homes or retro fitted to existing homes. A high efficiency hydronic boiler can support up to 12-15 radiators. Most average systems consist of 7-8 panels. In addition to the panels, a hydronic floor heating system can also be installed.

Due to these variables, costs can vary greatly. An average 3 bedroom home with 7-8 radiators may cost approx. $10,000 – $15,000 fully installed. A new home generally has easier access and thus would cost slightly less.

Why go with Hydronic Heating?

There are a number of reasons that you may want to go with hydronic heating over ducted.

  • Eco Friendly – Hydronic Heating is a natural heating alternative utilising water and natural gas. Energy use can be up to 70% less than other methods such as electricity dependent systems. Being sealed, the system has minimal emissions.
  • Clean and Healthy – Hydronic heating provides warmth by natural convection and radiation. It does not dry out the air or cause draughts, neither does it increase humidity or noise. It is a dust and allergen free form of heating making it ideal for sufferers of asthma.
  • Stylish Aesthetics – Unlike the subtle look of a ducted system, hydronic heating can be used as a piece of expression with all of the modern options for radiators these days. You can go sleek and ultra modern, or if it suits your house, choose something more Victorian in a cast iron style.
  • Reliability – Sealed Hydronic Systems contain very few moving parts. If high quality components are used, the system should remain maintenance free for years as there is very little to go wrong. The boiler is a gas appliance and we recommend annual service to ensure ongoing efficient and safe operation.

Daikin Altherma Bi-Bloc

The Daikin Altherma Bi-Bloc is an energy efficient and highly flexible heating solution. It features an all in one indoor space heating and domestic hot water heating system which effectively combats rising energy costs.

It extracts heat from outside, heats it up further, then distributes it efficiently to the indoor hydrobox for circulation in the underfloor heating circuit, radiators or fan coil units.

With low operating costs and no compromise, we highly recommend the Daikin Altherma Bi-Bloc.

Melbourne Hydronic Heating Installation

Installing hydronic heating is one of our specialties. Our installation process is hassle-free, and we will have your new system up and running in no time! Our qualified staff take extra care to make sure that your hydronic heating system is the right one for your home and it’s position is perfect. You will be the proud owner of a new system that will keep your home comfortable through the Winter. We are the best at what we do and we are both affordable and thorough.

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