Melbourne Heating Installation

There are number of options to consider when determining how best to heat your residence during the cold Melbourne winter. Electric or Gas are the most common solutions, but there are many possibilities available to you, including Ducted, Reverse-cycle and Hydronic. DC Inverter Technology has made efficient and cost effective heating readily available and the only limitations are your initial budget. Efficient Air only uses the best brands and all our work is guaranteed. We offer ongoing advice and support as part of our professional service.

Split System Air Conditioning

A split system supplies heated air to either a single or multiple rooms to the building. Split-systems offer a variety of indoor unit styles including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and ceiling recessed units. Top quality brands such as Daikin use DC Inverter Technology, using less power to create more efficient heating and reduced running costs. Split systems can be at their most basic level can be as simple as a head unit inside and a condenser outside the room. However, multiple head units in different rooms may make use of a single external condenser, thus eliminating the need for multiple external units.

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Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning works by directing cool or warm air flow to specific rooms from a central heat exchange unit to each room. These systems may be utilized by using ducted outlets in either the ceiling or floor – the cool or warm air is delivered to the required zone via registers (also known as grilles, outlets or vents). Unlike split systems with a head unit in each room (offering individual temperature control), the ducted system provides an overall even temperature throughout the building. Temperature is not individually adjustable within specific zones. Split ducted systems can be used for both heating and cooling.

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Gas Ducted Heating

Gas ducted heating is an efficient system that uses LPG (Liquid Petroleum gas) or Natural Gas. Based on a central heat exchange unit/furnace, warm air is directed throughout your residence through ducts to outlets in the floor or ceiling (or even sometimes the walls). Gas ducted systems tend to be rated according to energy efficiency using the well-known Star System (3 to 6 stars). Braemar (one of our preferred brands) was the first company to achieve the 6 Star Rating and represents the most cost efficient Gas Ducted heating solution as a consequence. Such a system affords top quality hardware and reduced running costs for years to come.

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Hydronic Heating

Hydronic systems work by directing the flow of heated water from a central boiler throughout the building by installing a radiant heater (or heaters) in each room. The heated water is recirculated back to the central gas boiler and as a result requires less ongoing energy to maintain the temperature. The central unit can be set to a specific temperature and each heat emitter (radiator) is in turn individually adjustable. The central boiler is generally independent of the main hot water system (though it can be incorporated if needed) and it’s location is based on the individual requirements of the residence. Very popular in Europe, the Hydronic option is silent and unlike forced air heating systems, offers an ideal solution to those susceptible to problems associated with the latter (especially those with asthma or similar respiratory considerations). Hydronic heating is an allergen free, elegant solution to your heating needs.

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Reverse cycle

Reverse cycle air conditioning is a system that exchanges heat, optionally removing warm air from a given area and returning cool air through heat exchange, or when the reverse cycle function is engaged, warm air is circulated instead of cool air. Reverse cycle air conditioning uses an electric heat pump and may be more or less efficient, depending on your needs. However, the heat pump is significantly more energy efficient than electric resistance heating (which is used in the well known but energy-hungry electric radiator). The latter is useful in providing quick heat to a small area but is extremely expensive to run and not suitable for more than a single room.

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