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Samsung is known globally for their innovative technology and modern air conditioners. Their range of commercial and residential air conditioners are cost effective and modernistic in their design.

All Samsung Air Conditioners come with a Five Year Parts and Labour Warranty.

Five Year Warranty

All Samsung products come with a comprehensive 5 year warranty

Modern Design

All Samsung Air Conditioners have been designed with modernism in mind.

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Samsung provides the best air conditioner systems to fit your needs, whether you are seeking solutions for your home or for a business.

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The Samsung Range

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Split System Air Conditioners

Samsung split system

The Boracay wall mounted split system unit from Samsung is minimalistic while offering efficient heating and cooling during extreme conditions throughout the year. It was designed to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and allergy inducing particles in your home with it’s Passive 3 care filter. With it’s ‘Good Sleep’ mode, the Boracay is designed to create the perfect climate in your home for a good night’s sleep.


  • Allergen reducing – When the Air Conditioner unit is turned off, the Auto Clean function automatically runs the fan on low speed for a period of time to dry off moisture within the heat exchanger of the indoor unit, keeping it dry to minimize the growth of bacteria.
  • Smart climate control – With a number of modes included, the Samsung Boracay will keep your home at the ideal temperature during the day, and adjust itself to create the perfect climate during the night.
  • Demand Response Enabled Device (D.R.E.D) – D.R.E.D allows certain energy providers to limit your power consumption during peak demand times to help reduce power strain on the electricity network. Participation may entitle you for rebates from your energy provider.

Best For

  • Heating & cooling a single room
  • Small size

Multi-Room Air Conditioners>

Samsung multi-room air conditioners

Samsung’s Free Joint Multi is the best solution for residential buildings requiring a flexible, efficient and reliable air conditioning system. A single Free Joint Multi outdoor unit can support a variety of up to 5 indoor units with minimal installation space, providing efficient cooling and heating operation in multiple areas.

  • FJM Max Heat models are ENERGY-STAR® listed.
  • Qualifies for rebates. Please refer to the Rebates Center for details.
  • 10 years compressor & parts, 1 year limited labor warranty

Best For

  • Heating and cooling up to five different rooms
  • Houses without space for ducted AC
  • Individual room temperature control

Ducted Air Conditioners

Samsung ducted air conditioners

Samsung’s lineup of Ceiling Air Conditioners is a smart choice for saving both money and energy. This system uses advanced technologies to minimize waste and improve efficiency. By adopting the smart inverter technology, the CAC systems not only offer silent operation but also outstanding cooling and heating performance. Samsung single zone duct units offer a wide external static range and includes an internal condensate pump as standard.

  • Control via WiFi – Control from anywhere. As long as your smartphone is connected to the internet, you can control your Ducted system from anywhere. On a hot day, you can turn on your system with your smartphone and come home to a cool house. On a chilly day, turn on the heat ahead of time so you don’t have to walk into a cold living room. Having total control of your Samsung A/C was never easier.
  • Flexible Pipe Installation – Four different ways. The condensing unit of the Duct system has four different ways you can connect the piping. Because you can position the condensing unit in different ways, this feature provides great flexibility during installation, and also gives a clean and organized look after the job is complete.

Best For

  • Heating whole houses and buildings
  • Visually less intrusive

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