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In early 2018 Fujitsu General Australia opened the doors of its inaugural Fujitsu General Air Conditioning Centre. The first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region, and only the second dedicated Fujitsu Air Conditioning Centre globally. The company is recognised globally for making world-class air conditioners and heating solutions.

All Fujitsu Air Conditioners come with a Five Year Warranty as standard.

Five Year Warranty

All Daikin products come with a comprehensive 5 year warranty

Energy Efficient

All Fujitsu air conditioning units are designed with care to be as efficient as possible.

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What Fujitsu Say...

Fujitsu General Australia strives to consistently provide high quality, energy efficient, reliable products accompanied by superior customer service. To be ‘Australia’s Favourite Air®’ means to be the best air conditioning company to deal with in Australia, not just a leading air conditioning brand.

Fujitsu Website,

The Fujitsu Range

Our experts can help select the right model for your home.

Split System Air Conditioners

Fujitsu Split System

The new Fujitsu General Lifestyle wall mounted air conditioning units have a built-in wireless LAN interface allowing users to remotely control the indoor comfort of their home or office through the free, easy-to-use FGLair app. Customising individual room temperatures, turning units on or off and setting up timers can be done anytime, anywhere. Users can easily identify which unit they are controlling by setting up a customised name for each room in the app.

  • Easy on the eye – The Fujitsu wall mounted range is designed to fit into any space with it’s slim, minimalist design.
  • Energy efficient – The Lifestyle Range series are some of the most energy efficient air conditioners Fujitsu have designed. With built-in features such as high efficiency DC componentry, Power Diffusers, and High Density Multi-path Heat Exchangers, these air conditioners can use up to 30% less power than conventional fixed speed air conditioners.
  • Ease of use – All of the KM & CM range comes with a simple and easy to use controller, giving you control of your climate, right at your fingertips. With features such as Low noise mode, economy operation, and program timers, you can tailor your comfort needs at the touch of a button.

Best For

  • Heating & cooling a single room
  • Small size

Multi-Room Air Conditioners>

Fujitsu multi room air conditioning
Multi Split Systems are one of today’s most advanced forms of air conditioning. One compact outdoor unit can power up to six indoor units simultaneously, yet it remains highly energy efficient when operating just one indoor unit at low capacity

  • Independant control – Each indoor unit can be operated independently. That is, on/off, temperature, air movement, up/down/left/right, time clock operation, can all be controlled from their own wireless remote.

Flexible Installation

Fujitsu Multi type systems can be installed in large buildings and over multiple floors due to the maximum available piping length.

Best For

  • Heating and cooling multiple rooms
  • Houses without space for ducted AC
  • Individual room temperature control

Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted air conditioning is a great solution for those wanting a whole home of comfort. Ensuring you find the right solution, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing your air conditioning system. These include environmental conditions, whether you want to heat or cool the entire house or specific zones, whether you are looking for ongoing savings or if your are more interested in the upfront cost.

Regardless of what your requirements are, Fujitsu’s range of ducted air conditioning solutions will have you covered.

Some benefits of ducted air conditioning include:

  • You can control multiple rooms, or the entire house, using just one system
  • Exceptionally discreet, the system is concealed in your ceiling, offering quiet operation and seamless integration into your home’s décor
  • Can be operated from an easy to use LCD control
  • Multiple features such as DC fan motors, DC rotary compressors, zone control and programmable systems deliver high energy efficiency.
For more information and to see Fujitu’s full range of air conditioners, please head over to their website.

Best For

  • Heating whole houses and buildings
  • Visually less intrusive

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