Cooling Overview

Cooling covers a range of options, from simple single room systems to comprehensive whole building air conditioning. Every household or business has individual requirements and at Efficient Air we are committed to providing the most appropriate solution for your needs. We only use the best brands, including Daikin, Braemar, Breezair and ActronAir. With literally decades of experience and professional service second to none, you need look no further than Efficient Air. Our staff are passionate about providing the best possible result for your air conditioning requirements and we don’t just service the Hills – we are also available for both residential and commercial solutions in the city as well.

Split systems

Braemar Reverse CycleSplit systems at their most basic level can be as simple as an internal fan coil head unit and an outside condenser unit. However, multiple head units in different rooms may make use of a single external condenser, thus eliminating the need for more than one. The warm air inside the room is drawn outside and replaced with cool air. The system is thermostatically controlled and specific temperatures are set and maintained by the user, based on the actual temperature desired. Split systems recirculate air and requires a sealed room for optimum efficiency. They are an ideal solution for a single room and can deliver both cool air and warm air if they are also reverse-cycle. Read more…

Evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling is a viable option in a hot, dry climate. It is significantly less expensive to install and also extremely energy efficient when compared to other systems. The system draws fresh air from outside the building and filters it through moist pads, cooling down the air through a natural process that does not require refrigerants like CFCs and HCFCs. The pads also trap pollens and dust, making this an ideal option for those suffering from allergies and hay fever. Maintenance is low and relatively inexpensive, plus an evaporative system does not require a sealed environment to work (unlike traditional air con). It is considered for these reasons to be one of the healthiest methods of cooling your residence and works best in a low humidity climate.

Split ducted

Split ducted air conditioning works by directing cool or warm air flow to specific rooms from a central heat exchange unit. These systems may be utilized by using ducted outlets in either the ceiling or floor – the cool or warm air is delivered to the required zone via registers (also known as grilles, outlets or vents). Unlike split systems with a head unit in each room (offering individual temperature control), the ducted system provides an even overall temperature throughout the building.

Bulkhead units

Bulkhead air conditioners are highly effective in limited installation space situation – for example: lack of wall space or where there are concrete ceilings. Plus, their remarkably quiet operation makes them ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and other single room residential uses. You can control multiple rooms, or the entire house, using just one system. Bulkheads are generally more costly to install but have many advantages. Please ask if you think this may be a suitable option for you or need more information to inform your decision.

Ceiling cassettes

Daikin Air Conditioning CassetteNot all buildings have the capacity to install split or ducted systems. The Ceiling Cassette system is a viable alternative when structural limitations prevent these options. The ceiling mounted cassette system is a self-contained unit that draws in hot air from the room, filters it and then dispenses cool air from all four corners of the unit, effectively providing 360 degree cooling directed down from the ceiling.

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