Need assistance installing or upgrading to a robust cooling system? At Efficient Air, we pride ourselves on our add-on cooling services and can help you save on upfront costs while adding value to your home.

We cover all aspects of add-on refrigerated cooling systems in Melbourne, offering installation, repair, and maintenance services just when you need it. Rely on our expert technicians at Efficient Air for reliable and professional services so your home stays comfortable no matter the season. Connect now!

What Exactly Is Add-on Cooling?

Simply put, Add-on Cooling is a versatile cooling solution that integrates with your existing gas ducted heating system using the same ducts and vents. This allows you to enjoy efficient cooling in the warmer months without needing a separate air conditioning system. To be compatible with this, some older ducted heating systems may require an update or replacement.

Many homeowners in Melbourne prefer add-on cooling with ducted gas heating as it’s more convenient and efficient. By having both heating and cooling through a single ducted system, the system makes temperature control easier and saves costs. This dual functionality also saves space and reduces the hassle of managing two separate systems.

How Does This System Work?

Typically, an add-on cooling system in any Melbourne home may have two units: An outdoor and an indoor unit. The outdoor device remains out of sight, while the indoor one connects to your ducted system via piping. Normally when set to heating mode, your heater distributes warm air throughout your home. When switched to add-on cooling mode, the condenser sends cold air through the same ductwork.

One of the significant advantages of this type of cooling is zoned air conditioning that allows temperature control across different rooms independently. This ensures every individual cooling preference and comfort are met.

Why Efficient Air for Add-on Cooling?

At Efficient Air, we have been helping Melbourne residents and those in nearby suburbs for several years and have gained a reputation in the area. Our experienced technicians work closely with you to ensure that your add-on cooling system with gas ducted heating is fully compatible across your Melbourne home, backed with seamless installation and first-class service.

Whether you’re upgrading an old system or installing a new one, our team at Efficient Air can provide professional service and expert advice as and when needed. With us, you can achieve a comfortable home environment regardless of the season, enjoying the benefits of modern HVAC technology tailored to your specific needs.

Want an add-on cooling system installed in your Melbourne home or office? Trust Efficient Air’s reliable service and installation of your cooling system that will serve you for years to come. Get a quote now!

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