Soaring Gas Bills? How efficient is your ducted system?

It is no surprise that during lockdown in Melbourne our ducted heating systems are being used more than they ever have. Whether you are working from home or just stuck inside more often due to restrictions, it can be difficult to limit use for yourself or your family. With that said, you may have had a few bills recently that knocked you off your feet. We get it, that’s why we are here to help!

When it comes to running your ducted heating it is important to consider these two factors:

Number one: Does your house heat evenly?
Number two: Does your house heat quickly?

If you have answered NO to any of the above questions – it is time to have a good look at your ducted system.


There are several issues that may cause wastage and it is important to look at your system as a whole so that you can identify what can be improved on.

  • How old is your system?

    Older systems are not designed as well or sized as efficiently as newer systems. This can often lead to more gas being used than is necessary. Unsure of how old your heater is? Chat to one of our experienced team members at Efficient Air to get a better idea.

  • How do your ducts look?

    Small holes can occur in older systems due to animal damage, pest damage or general long-term use. Did you know that old systems generally use R0.6 insulated duct work with uninsulated fittings? Nowadays we use R1.0 ductwork with insulated fittings – this prevents heat escaping from ducts and more going into your home, keeping you toasty!

How many vents do you have and where are they positioned?

It is important that the space you have is covered sufficiently by the position and quantity of ducts. Sometimes your space can be larger than a single duct can manage. This can cause higher bills as your heater works longer to achieve desired warmth. Efficient Air can add or relocate ducts as needed. 

Which rooms are being heated?

It might be a good time to look at which rooms are being used more frequently than others. For rooms that are used less , closing vents is a fantastic way to save money – but make sure it’s done right! If you are going to close a vent in a low-use room, make sure to close the door too! This ensures that the thermostat picks up the correct temperature in your chosen spaces, which in turn causes it to temporarily turn off, saving your gas, and hard earned money!

Have you considered zoning?

Technology has come a long way. You can incorporate zoning systems into your house, allowing you to set up multiple profiles which can switch between rooms being heated at any one time. For example:  You could set up a profile which heats only your office and the kitchen – two of the most important spaces during lockdown. 

Considering all these factors, it may be time to fine tune your heating. This doesn’t necessarily mean a whole new system but rather looking at ways your can improve the efficiency of your current one!

Poor ducted designs can cost you thousands in the long term so don’t ignore the warning signs. 

Call Efficient Air today and we can help you diagnose and improve on your current systems or suggest the best replacement in the market. It will be the best decision you can make for the comfort of your home and saving money long-term!

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