4 Ways to Keep Warm Using Science

Looking for unique ways to keep warm?

We have all heard the usual ways to heat your home more efficiently.

“Close the curtains”, “block your chimney”, “close unused rooms”.

But what about keeping the focus on the most important factor: you.

There are many ways to keep warm using science. It’s all about that heat transfer!

Let’s start simple.

Layer Up!

Layer up

Credit: Elite Agent

Understanding conduction is really important when it comes to keeping warm. Whenever your body comes into contact with something cold, conduction will transfer your body heat into whatever you touch (cold floor, leather couch etc). The most effective way to combat this is to simply wear more layers.

First think about your base layer – thermals, long wool socks. These keep you from losing heat through conduction.

Next, think about your outer layers – wind proof jackets. By creating an outer layer that can protect you from the chill in the air, you have now combined outer layers and inner layers to perfectly insulate your body. This is one of the best ways to keep warm.

Take on More Calories

A warm cup of mushroom soup

Credit: The Loop

During winter, if you take in more calories than you burn, your body can handle the cold more effectively.

Keeping your blood sugar up enough will provide your body with energy to keep warm in the frost.

In saying this, do not over do it! You only need a little more calories than your body is burning.

Alongside food, water intake is also key. Your body can tolerate the cold much more effectively if your food and water balance are maintained.

Put The Drink Down

Wine by the fire

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When you’re sitting at home by the fire on a cold night, nothing sounds more appealing than topping it off with a glass of port or red wine.

However, if keeping warm is the goal here, having that drink may be your downfall. Consuming alcohol actually lowers your body’s core temperature, contrary to popular belief!

So, next time you settle in for Game of Thrones, with the fire burning and a full belly, consider ditching the ale for a hot chocolate.

Placebo Effect

Warm socks by the fire

Credit: Energy Company Obligation

Placebos can have very real effects on your body even if they don’t really do anything at all.

So how can we keep ourselves warm with a placebo? Wear a hat.

There is a common misconception that we lose a large percentage of body heat through our head. Wearing a hat will definitely keep your head warmer, but it won’t do much for your core temperature.

However if we commit to this idea and cover up our chilly noggins, the idea covering up some exposed skin can play a large role in overall comfort.

The same applies to your feet (though they do have a role to play in heat). If our feet get cold enough, we experience the sensations of pain and discomfort. By simply covering them with thick socks and slippers, even if it doesn’t directly affect our core temperature, it still gives us the placebo effect of comfort and warmth.



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